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Jan 25, 2013 6:00am EST
for many, many years both of the tax consistent with spending. and nobody ever put the debt ceiling or the u.s. willingness to pay its obligations on the table in the way it was placed in the summer of 2011, and the way here it is now being placed on the table again. it's a big mistake and 2011 to create this degree of uncertainty and fear in the u.s. and around the world and the big mistake to do it again today. >> why would any good thinking patriotic american want to use the debt ceiling as a vehicle to reduce spending rather than the other legislative opportunities it would have? what would the reason be? certain not to embarrass the united states of america. >> i have no idea, mr. rangel, but i can tell you that -- >> well, if you don't have any, then maybe it is the objectives of this president at whatever cost, some leaders our so-called leaders have said, that they want to stop this president and the were unsuccessful in that measure. so maybe, maybe they decided to change tactics and maybe this discussion is a necessary and we find some of the way to a handle on the deficit
Jan 30, 2013 6:00am EST
will not, not now, not ever support raising the gas tax. [ applause ] the answer to our infrastructure problems is not to tax our people more. it is so spend their money smarter. why would we raise the gas tax to improve infrastructure when all of the gas tax dollars we currently collect don't go to improving our infrastructure now. millions of dollars each year in our gas tax revenue are being diverted away from our bridges and our highways. let's change that. and then let's invest more of the money we already have into this vital area. every year you hear me talk about the money tree that falls during session whereby new dollars appear above and beyond what was available whin we balanced our budget in december and january. let's prioritize that money differently this year. we've's released an executive budget that is balanced. funds the core function of government. strengthens underfunded needs like mental health and law enforcement and identifies money for road and bridge improvements. let's follow that blueprint. we can make our state safer and our business climate can be more dyna
Jan 30, 2013 7:30am EST
and encouraging engineering are beginning to have an effect. >> this government has just introduced two new tax base which will cause people who own the oh, no, between 25 and 35,000 pounds per family. why is he choosing to put a block on the aspirations of young people who want to build their own home? >> we are encouraging people to build a own home and buy their own homes, not least by the reform of the planning system that has seen the planning guidance come from 1000 pages to 50 pages. that's why we are also encouraging the right to buy. and if honorable members opposite want to help, they might want to talk to the labour of 40s that are continually knocking people from buying the council or having association homes. >> thank you, mr. speaker. will my right honorable friend wish to congratulate the company in my constituency, but taking advantage of the capital of laos is announced and the autumn statement of purchase to 1.3 million pounds, that will create six new jobs under -- i certain to my honorable friend in welcoming that investment it is experience in campaign history logic did hav
Jan 29, 2013 6:00am EST
noncombat taxes -- b combat taxes, why did you choose to do that in libya and not choose -- or choose to not do that in other places? each circumstance, of course, is significantly different. and it has to be measured on its own merits. it also addresses, i think, the limits of power. military power does not solve all problems. and importantly in libya, there was aup security council resolution -- a u.n. security council resolution that called for this mission and authorized all available means. in syria there is no such security council resolution that would, that would provide the legal underpinning for an operation in syria similar to what was conducted in libya. so it's a great question, but there are significant differences, i think. i should caveat all of that by reminding all that syria's not in my region, so i'm a long, long way from a syrian expert. but as an interested observer, that's kind of how i see the difference. >> thank you, dr. scott and yen. my name is melvin foote, i'm a member of an organization called the constituency for africa, we work on public policy here in
Jan 24, 2013 2:00am EST
, they found good order and discipline stated tax, that affects the unit commanders were relieved not having to handle cases anymore. i would like to encourage you to speak with your counterparts at the u.k. to see how their system works and see if we would be better served moving in a system like that. i yield back. >> dr. lindstrom. >> i'm encouraged to hear you say there is a training session for new recruits before they go to dmt and i think that's very hopeful. i guess my question is how do we get to recruits to fully understand or believe that reporting bad behavior will be supported by the leadership and will not harm them, that they develop the trust and notice that's the right thing to do. what might be her suggestions beyond not? >> very challenging. a printer basic military military training as well, not if most of them are sent, but at the air force we do the same thing, so that in that position and understand fully with these trainees think about this environment and how challenging it would be, looking back at my time and experience to talk about things like this. sometimes it'
Jan 31, 2013 6:00am EST
they are paying today. and yet, you know, that's not a statement that should increase taxes on gasoline. it's incredibly regressive. considered in policy hearings and talk about how it's very a clear signal to the market to increase the price of gasoline, if that's what you're trying to reduce. but it really -- when you see spikes in the price of gasoline and people interviewed on the news and they have a lifestyle, jobs to get to, and commitments that are made, and they've got a huge impact to their life by these high
Jan 25, 2013 2:00am EST
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Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7